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Bài gửi by teccogarden Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:23 am

Chung cư Tecco Garden - Khu đô thị Tứ Hiệp, Thanh Trì là một trong số ít dự án chung cư ở Hà Nội mang đến không gian xanh rộng lớn, giúp mọi gia đình có những phút giây thư thái khi trở về
Khu đô thị Tứ Hiệp, xã Ngũ Hiệp, Thanh Trì, Hà Nội


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Tecco Garden Empty beware! Skin damage due to stress I do not want to be beautiful. Need to avoid urgently

Bài gửi by busba112233 Thu Oct 01, 2020 11:13 am

Did you know that mental conditions can affect the skin? When you feel stressed Will result in hormonal imbalance Unattractive skin Many skin diseases are also caused by stress on the skin. Both psoriasis Herpes and shingles So it can be said that Stress doesn't just affect the mind. But also has an effect on beautiful skin Of yours as well But what is the impact on your stress on your skin? Let's go see
1. It causes skin irritation.
When the mind is in stress for a long time Will cause the digestive system to work inefficiently Until resulting in intestinal inflammation After a long day, it will affect the external skin condition of the body. Both psoriasis And other inflammatory skin diseases. In addition, when stressed The body produces sebum, which is mixed with the dead skin cells. Combined with bacteria It will then clog pores. Which is the cause of acne inflammation Which cannot be cured If not fixed at the root cause is to reduce stress.
2. Make the skin not moist
The cortisol hormone, produced when the body is chronically stressed, causes the sweat glands to expand. The body expels water And excess adrenaline secretion Until it makes your skin lack moisture, dryness, irritation and peeling

3. Make the skin dull
Stress causes the body to supply blood to the brain, heart, lungs and liver - vital organs for survival. Without sending the blood flow to the skin as it should When you are stressed Therefore, less blood comes to nourish the skin and results in dull skin.
4. It causes a negative effect on hair.
Stress causes hormonal changes How the body responds to the hormones, it depends on the individual. Some people I will be more than usual. Hair loss more than usual or have dandruff etc.
How to deal with stressed skin?
If you examine yourself and find that your emotional state is not clear. Often stressed And skin problems that occur are often accompanied by stress. It is time to solve the problem at the root cause. Which copes when the skin is stressed, it can be done as follows.
1. Clean your skin with a suitable cleanser for your skin. Then use a cream or moisturizer to add moisture to the skin.
2. Get enough rest with 8 hours of sleep a day.
3. Exercise both cardio and weight training. For the body to secrete endorphins Which is joker123 the hormone of happiness
4. Do yoga and meditation to determine your mindfulness and keep yourself aware of your emotions.
5. Find activities that you enjoy and do to reduce stress.
Most of the time when problems with the skin. Many people think they are allergic to skin care. And fix it by changing the skin care In fact Your skin problems may be caused by stress, it is. Maintaining the right skin care point and keeping an eye on your emotional state and observing changes in your facial skin Maybe you might find the key to solving the skin problems you're looking for.

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