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China clamps down on climbing 'wild Great Wall'

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China clamps down on climbing 'wild Great Wall' Empty China clamps down on climbing 'wild Great Wall'

Bài gửi by lily9889 Wed Sep 30, 2020 3:29 pm

China clamps down on climbing 'wild Great Wall'

China clamps down on climbing 'wild Great Wall' _114691617_img-0956

As China's busiest holiday season approaches, Beijing has warned that it will punish those who climb
the "wild Great Wall".

The term is often used to describe parts of the famous landmark that are not restored and closed to

Fines will be enforced more strictly over Golden Week, with thousands of domestic tourists expected
to visit.

China is banking on the holiday to boost its badly hit tourism industry.

"This year's National Day holiday lasts eight days and the number of visitors to explore
the 'wild Great Wall' is bound to increase," Yu Hankuan, director of the Yanqing District Cultural
Relics Administration told the Global Times.

Beijing reminded the public that trespassers on these parts of the Great Wall could be fined between
200 and 30,000 yuan (£3,430; $4,404).

It will also be stepping up security, with a Beijing Daily report saying that all 131 guards usually
stationed along the Great Wall would be on duty over Golden Week.

Authorities are also proactively scouring social media to see if any "wild Great Wall" expeditions are
being organised.

Mr Yu said that some sections of the Great Wall are very steep - and it is possible for tourists to get
lost or fall off. Authorities also said climbing these parts can cause damage to the historic site.

The parts of the Great Wall that are open to tourists are just a small section of the famous landmark,
which stretches for thousands of kilometres.

Other parts of the structure are left in their original state, though China had earlier announced that
a restoration project was in the works.

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