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National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback

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National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback Empty National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback

Bài gửi by lily9889 on Mon Oct 05, 2020 3:17 pm

National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback

National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback _114711902_mediaitem114711899

The National Trust has said it has experienced the worst year on record for ash dieback on its estates.

It says a combination of the coronavirus lockdown and the driest spring on record created
a "perfect storm" for the disease to spread.

The charity says it will have to spend £2m on felling infected trees this year - four times more than
the average cost of felling trees.

Sites affected are places that inspired Beatrix Potter and John Constable.

"Ash dieback is a catastrophe for nature," said the trust's national tree and woodland adviser,
Luke Barley.

"Our landscapes and woodlands are irrevocably changing before our eyes, and this year's combination
of a dry spring and late frost may have dramatically sped up the severity of ash dieback."

Lockdown impacts

Mr Barley went on to explain that the charity's estates across the country were being hit hard by
the pathogen.

From author Beatrix Potter's Troutbeck Farm in the Lake District to the trees around John Constable's
hometown of Flatford, Suffolk - which is said to have provided the inspiration for his masterpiece,
the Hay Wain - all were feeling the impact of the disease spread going largely unchecked over
the past six months.

"Lockdown has meant we were not able to undertake regular conservation work and many of our
rangers who have returned are now forced to spend time felling to manage safety," Mr Barley added.

"Vital conservation work, such as tree planting, managing flower-rich meadows and important
maintenance work is having to go on hold as a result."

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