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"Vegetarian" how to avoid "kidney failure"

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"Vegetarian" how to avoid "kidney failure" Empty "Vegetarian" how to avoid "kidney failure"

Bài gửi by limited88 Tue Oct 20, 2020 3:41 pm

"Vegetarian" how to avoid "kidney failure"

"Vegetarian" how to avoid "kidney failure" AHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQvNS8yNTY4Ny9jaGluZXNlLWZvb2QuanBn

During the vegetarian festival, many people want to join in making merit along with taking care of their health. Reduce meat consumption And turn to pay more attention to health at the same time But what is worrying is Most vegan foods are sweet, greasy and salty, which the World Health Organization (WHO) advises to reduce your sodium intake to less than 2,000 milligrams per day.

Choose to cook yourself
Choosing to cook yourself Allowing us to choose raw materials by ourselves And choose to use your own seasoning as you like Which allows us to estimate the amount of seasoning used to suit our taste Therefore, take this opportunity to reduce the seasoning from joker slotxo the sauce. And various ingredients Try using spices to spice things up. Focus on foods that are less flavorful, such as soups, stir-fries (reduce the consumption of the water in stir fries), as well as reducing the consumption of broth from various soups, which will allow us to reduce the sodium consumption itself.

Choose to eat fruit
If wanting to eat sweet food during vegetarianism, turn to eating more fruits. Will help the body get a lot of vitamins, fiber and nutrients that are good for the body. Instead of eating snacks that may be made from flour and sugar, including fried foods.

Choose to eat more vegetables.
The same reason for choosing to eat more fruit. So that the fiber of vegetables can help reduce the fat content in the arteries. Including various minerals From vegetables to help keep the body healthy And makes the digestive system work as well

Choose nuts and grains.
Nuts and grains As a source of protein And many vitamins that are good for the body It also provides energy. Contains fiber that helps the digestive system work better. And also helps to strengthen the body as well

Choose to order food, reduce sweet potato, reduce salty automatically.
Every time you order food at the restaurant Add to that to cut down on the sweet and salty potatoes every time to help the cook from overcooking. And if we eat this flavor often Will make us get used to that flavor Without feeling that it was tasteless

"Vegetarian" how to avoid "kidney failure" Shutterstock_251342749_650_1

Avoiding additional cooking
Food that we often add to cooking, such as stir-fried suki noodles with soy sauce, various single dishes We often add fish sauce, chili, sugar, or various sauces automatically. Try changing to taste the food on the plate before cooking because many times the restaurant has already cooked Therefore should reduce unnecessary additional seasoning

Avoid artificial meat from starch.
Artificial meats They are often starchy if you can reduce or avoid eating artificial meats. It will reduce the consumption of flour for the body as well. In addition, artificial meats are often seasoned. So if you eat in large quantities It may cause the body to get too much sodium each day as well.

Avoid snacks
Snacks, snacks, bags They are often relatively high in sodium. Therefore, if not limited in the amount of consumption appropriate It may cause us to consume more than the prescribed amount of sodium each day as well.

Avoid fried foods and soft drinks.
Fried foods are often high in fat. As for soft drinks, it is a drink with a high sugar content. Therefore, both of these foods should be avoided. Or eat in limited quantities Do not accidentally eat too much. Because it can easily cause after exercise, weight gain

This year's vegetarian festival Change the health care behavior with a new vegetarian diet. Focus on eating more vegetables. Cut down on flour and fries. Consuming thoroughly cooked food, washing hands before and after cooking. And eat food every time Including wearing a cloth mask And keep a distance when queuing for food This will make you healthy and strong along with the merit of the vegetarian diet for sure.

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