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Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid

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Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid Empty Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid

Bài gửi by lily9889 on Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:21 pm

Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid

Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid _115079031_nigerialootings

Looting has continued in Nigeria as people targeted government warehouses holding Covid-19 aid in the capital, Abuja,
on Monday.

The raid in Gwagwalada, on the outskirts of the city, is the latest incident in the wave of unrest sparked by anti-police
brutality protests.

Looters carted away bags of rice, noodles and sugar among other items.

The authorities have denied that the items were being hoarded so they could be shared with family and friends.

Why was the aid being reserved?
State governors have said the items were kept for vulnerable members of society and in preparation for a possible second
wave of coronavirus infections.

Their statement indicated that most states were waiting to "flag-off" the distribution, an indication of an elaborate ribbon-
cutting ceremony.

But the explanation has not been accepted by many of those who did not receive any aid from the authorities in the months
when the lockdown to limit the spread of coronavirus stopped millions of people from earning their living.

Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid _115079127_covid19palliatives

That some of the Covid-19 aid has been found in the homes of some politicians has not helped the authorities.

A politician, whose house was raided in Lagos state, said he was planning to share the items on his birthday -
two days after his home was looted.

How widespread is the looting?
Almost a third of Nigeria's 36 states and the capital have seen stores attacked by looters.

People have died, crushed as people crowded into the warehouses or in some instances under the weight of the 50kg bags
of food.

The authorities in the northern state of Adamawa told the BBC that five people had died at a stampede during the looting
of a store there.

Some state governors have imposed curfews to stem the raids, while the country's police chief on Sunday asked officers
to quell the unrest.

Is this connected to the #EndSars protests?

Why Nigerian looters are targeting Covid-19 aid _115079029_nigerialooting

The looters are not the peaceful protesters who demanded an end to police brutality earlier this month, but what is going
on now is a continuation of the breakdown of law and order after armed thugs disrupted the demonstrations.

The protesters allege that policemen looked away as they were attacked in Lagos and Abuja.

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