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Family is not the joy Children lost because "Run away from home"

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Family is not the joy Children lost because "Run away from home" Empty Family is not the joy Children lost because "Run away from home"

Bài gửi by nakanda on Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:48 pm

Family is not the joy Children lost because "Run away from home" AHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2NhLzAvdWQvMjgwLzE0MDMxODAvMTIzNDUoOCkuanBn

Decision-making issues of the child "Running away from home" is not a new issue for Thai society. Many children leave letters. Then venting all the repressed feelings about the problems in the house This also included some children who decided to close all social media connections. So as not to let the parents follow themselves Of course, this problem would not have the last case. When the family composition of the present Thai family began to change And parental pressure on children more and more.

In 2017, the Mirror Foundation It is reported that The number of children who have fled the home on their own will The number is higher and the average age between 11-15 years is three times more girls than boys due to domestic violence. And was persuaded to live with his girlfriend As well as being persuaded by people you know online. In addition, the Mirror Foundation It also provided information on what to do if your daughter or son fled the house.

Find out if the child is picking up his clothes or not. If children, clothing, belongings are important Show that the child is prepared. If important belongings are not taken at all May go unprepared Which may cause misfortune to children
Consider that in a month Before the child disappears Has there been a quarrel with someone in the family, such as punishment and flogging a child? Prohibiting children from dating their girlfriend Prohibiting or confiscating children's phones, etc.
Child's best friend Probably the best informant But, of course, the children take sides. It is best to have the homeroom teacher ask for information, so parents must have a class teacher number. And know who is your child's best friend
Still does not appear A girl ran away from home to live alone. Runaway child If the child does not have a girlfriend If the child has a girlfriend, the child goes to live with his / her boyfriend. May have met before Or talk only on the Internet or by phone The child was already brave enough to go find and live with him.
A child's pre-disappearance behavior is an important indicator, for example, a child is addicted to talking on the phone. There are several SIM cards. Or playing unusual chats Especially at night, that means the child may disappear to the person he is talking to.
What is the missing child because of whom? For example, a child phone calls based on the child's phone usage data. Children use internet chat Follow from the child's computer
Phone and Internet browsing Parents can obtain advice at Mirror Foundation Because there is a way of it
Children who run away are more likely to come back on their own if their parents, friends they live with, begin pressure to return home. Or the boyfriend who was with him abused Or not as good as the child imagined
Some runaway children will never return home. Or if you can follow along, you will likely run away from home again. If the reason for fleeing is domestic violence
If almost all of the above Even if your child has not left home But you don't know the information about your child, your child's behavior. The environment in which the child is experiencing If you are at risk that your child will leave the house.
In addition, if the child is found to have escaped the house with preparation Should notify the police to search for clues Because through the police investigation, it helps to find more children than using social media. Which forwarding pictures and messages of children In the event that a child escapes from the house Will affect the child directly When the child is found, the child may not be able to return to normal life.

All this is Guidelines and protection from the Mirror Foundation But the best way to prevent family members is to keep an eye on the feelings and changes of the children in the home. Scolding Or that punishment of violence should not happen very often Above all trust And love and encouragement can be a great tool to heal even the most vulnerable problems. You can prevent more than 50 percent of the problem of running out of children.

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