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Reduce "TB" with 5 food groups

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Reduce "TB" with 5 food groups Empty Reduce "TB" with 5 food groups

Bài gửi by nakanda Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:43 pm

Reduce "TB" with 5 food groups AHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hlLzAvdWQvNS8yNjc0OS92ZWdnaWVzLmpwZw==

Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis Eating a complete diet of 5 groups will allow the body to recover from disease and to be in good health.
There are many symptoms of a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis. And what makes people with pulmonary tuberculosis lose weight rapidly is the patient has anorexia. Another cause of boredom is Disease effects and drug side effects Abnormal taste buds, phlegm, cough, tiredness, and excessive fluid intake Causing the patient to have malnutrition The body is malnourished As a result, the symptoms of disease and drug allergies are more severe. Patients should therefore choose to eat a nutritious diet in five groups.

Eat five food groups to reduce TB symptoms.
Anek Kanoksin, MD, Director of the Chest Disease Institute, Department of Medical Affairs added that Eating a full five food groups according to the principles of nutrition to get complete nutrition. Patients with pulmonary tuberculosis should choose to eat among the following food groups.

Group 1 Meats, milk, eggs, tofu help the body get protein. In restoring and enhancing immunity

Moo 2: Rice, corn flour, taro, pumpkin potato, sugar should be chosen as a non-abrasive product. Such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, because it is high in B vitamins, helps to reduce numbness of the hands and feet and increase appetite.

Moo 3 and 4 Various crops, vegetables and fruits Choose to eat a variety. In order to receive various nutrients As well as strengthen immunity Protection against respiratory tract infections

Moo 5 Oil, vegetable and animal fats High energy To warm the body Choose oils that contain good fatty acids, such as rice bran oil, soybean oil. Corn oil If the patient has a cough and sputum

Avoid eating fatty meats, animal skins, fried foods, coconut milk and cold water, oils high in saturated fatty acids such as animal oils, palm oil, coconut oil. Foods that are high in gas, such as pickles, nuts, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages. Food that smells strong And instant food such as instant noodles If the patient with pulmonary tuberculosis can be treated by eating a healthy diet. And taking medications prescribed by a doctor regularly will make the body able to recover from disease and be healthy.

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