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Palo Alto Networks: 2021 cybersecurity forecast

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Palo Alto Networks: 2021 cybersecurity forecast Empty Palo Alto Networks: 2021 cybersecurity forecast

Bài gửi by nakanda on Fri Jan 08, 2021 9:52 am

Palo Alto Networks: 2021 cybersecurity forecast AHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL2hpLzAvdWQvMzAzLzE1MTk0NTMvNy5qcGc=

2020 will be a turnaround year and a true test of digital resilience. The impact of COVID-19 is likely to continue for years to come. Make businesses The strategy must be revisited in order to follow the new normal in the long run again with a greater reliance on technology.

How do businesses succeed in the digital world? Here are some predictions of the cybersecurity trends that will affect the digital world in 2021, divided into scenarios.

Scenario 1

Match-up travel and green lanes spark a controversy about data privacy.

Despite years of discussions about data privacy About the careful use of information from some big tech companies. And compliance with EU citizens protection regulations, known as GDPR, remains a challenge for many companies. But following a touch, we take our attention to data privacy very seriously.
Strict contact tracking and timely access to accurate and complete information have proven to be a key factor in keeping the number of people infected. Many East Asian countries are rapidly turning to such digital tools. As the infection rate rises again, research from Future Market Insights suggests that new contact tracking apps are emerging at a rate of 15% annually due to a wave of new infections in many countries.
In addition to the public sector, led by the public health department The private sector is also supporting the effort, such as the Apple – Google Exposure Notification system, which has already been implemented in some countries.

When will we meet again?

Everyone has a question about when will we be able to return to normal life as before. And people across the region and around the world have the same travel needs.
Many countries have international travel matches and open green channels to revitalize the tourism and service industries. For the efficiency and safety of tourists It is imperative that personal data be transmitted internationally with appropriate security controls and transparent communication on handling and storage.
There is a need for information movement between government agencies and organizations. Like an airline Airport and hotel There will be some debate over the storage method. Access to information And the use of information in 2021 especially People are beginning to pay attention to the personal information that is being shared now.
However, the sharing of medical information obtained from the COVID-19 test, along with contact tracking and all law-abiding citizens' check-in, is not. Excluding persons rejected by the government If able to travel again Travelers need to think twice when they have to provide information.

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