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"Smoking" destroys the health of "women"

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"Smoking" destroys the health of "women" Empty "Smoking" destroys the health of "women"

Bài gửi by nakanda Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:01 am

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More than 1.3 million Thai women exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes, working more than 1.3 million people. Worry of teenage girls pumping up The president of the Obstetrics College pointed out that "smoking" destroys women's health throughout life. Making menstrual pain more, having difficult children, more menopausal symptoms The newborn baby weighs less. Causes high cervical cancer, even when it is preventable, aging face, shorter life expectancy, Dr. Ramada emphasizes secondhand smoke Third hand is as dangerous as smoking itself.

Dr. Prakit Wathee Sathokkit, Secretary-General of the Foundation for a campaign for no smoking Said in a panel discussion "The poisoning of cigarettes on women Even more than men, although the current smoking rate of Thai women is not much compared to men at 2.2% while men are 40.5%, but the smoking prevalence survey of Thai students aged 13-15 The year found that teenage girls smokes increased from 2% in 2008 to 5% in 2015, while male students remained at about 21%, considered a dangerous sign. The worrying issue is that more and more young people are turning to electronic cigarettes. The more likely Thai youths smoke more Because there is research evidence from abroad that Youths who smoke e-cigarettes later become regular smokers. The results of the Global Youth Tobacco Consumption Survey found that young people aged 13-15 years in Thailand in 2015 used 3.3% of e-cigarettes, 4.7% of boys and 1.9% of young women. That the product is safe

Prof. Prakit said that in addition, according to the 2014 National Statistical Office survey, many Thai women do not know enough about the dangers of smoking on pregnant mothers. Based on the question of the perception that smoking was the cause of mothers who gave birth to a 28-34 week premature baby, only 54.3% of non-smoking mothers knew it was dangerous. Only 39.5% of mothers who smoke know that smoking is harmful to their unborn baby. While the survey of secondhand smoke exposure in non-smokers in Thailand found that exposure to secondhand smoke in the home About 8.46 million women and 3.11 million men. Exposure to secondhand smoke at work. Approximately 1.34 million women, 1.24 million men when compared by region, found The highest number of secondhand smoke in the southern home of 2.2 million people, the rate is 43.5%, the northeastern region, 3.9 million people, the rate 29%, the central region 2.7 million people, the rate 27.6%, the northern region 2 million people, the rate 25.9% and Bangkok 6 hundred thousand People rate 13.2%

Prof. Dr. Phisek Lumpikanon, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians of Thailand, said that cigarettes have a lifelong effect on women's health, namely 1. The menstrual system and reproductive health are found to cause menstrual pain more than non-smokers Having infertility at both the primary level is never having children before. And tertiary means that having had children before, it is also more difficult to have Which is considered a concern Because Thailand has a lower birth rate, it is expected that 2017 is likely to be lower than 7 hundred thousand cases, which cigarettes will exacerbate infertility even more, and also makes menopausal symptoms more and more severe. Is that the menstrual cycle ends faster Others experience hot flashes, palpitations, irritability, and insomnia, becoming more and more severe. Faster menstruation

Prof. Dr. Phisek said 2. Pregnancy, childbirth and babies with less birth weight 200-250 grams, less weight when compared to the gestational age. Increased risk of stillbirth Infant death after birth And sudden infant death Including less breastfeeding This may be caused by the concern of smoking or not. Cause not breastfeeding 3. The cardiovascular system was found to be at risk of ischemic heart disease. Stroke And a stroke Like men. 4. Lung disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema 5. Cancer is lung cancer that has a direct effect already. And other cancers that will be more common from smoking, such as mouth cancer, throat cancer, esophageal cancer Laryngeal cancer Bladder cancer Pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, and cervical cancer. Both cancers are screened faster than other cancers. Easier to control By people who smoke and are infected with HPV Are more likely to get cervical cancer than non-smokers, so smoking less helps in cervical cancer control. In addition to using the HPV vaccine

Prof. Phisek said 6. The bone density is reduced. The risk of hip fractures increased and 7. Other health, such as depression was found. Periodontal inflammation More cholecystitis More severe gastritis, cataracts, wrinkled face from collagen destruction and shorter life expectancy. From working with the World Health Organization, it was found that the same country had less life expectancy than men. Is nepal Which is a country with very high smoking women Hence, there should be a relationship which makes the difference in life expectancy between women and men less. For the operation of the Royal College in this regard, the obstetrician must be asked. Pregnant women whether they are smoking directly or indirectly receiving cigarette smoke. Currently, the Department of Health's antenatal book has questions about whether to smoke or receive secondhand smoke or not. Which if found, then give advice And protection To give pregnant women more health knowledge that cigarettes have a great effect on both oneself and fetus. And need to assess how much a pregnant woman needs to quit smoking To help get the care and reduce smoking.

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