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Dale "FREE's" (Short for Friesen) ACT OF KINDNESS Page!

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Dale "FREE's" (Short for Friesen) ACT OF KINDNESS Page! Empty Dale "FREE's" (Short for Friesen) ACT OF KINDNESS Page!

Bài gửi by langleyrams Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:41 am

Hi there, my name is Dale E. "FREE" (which is short for my real last name of "Friesen"), and thank you for visiting my site on KINDNESS! I hope you're seated comfortably and will relax and be patient as you view this.
I am just an average, everyday citizen trying to do my part in making my world a better place to live, not only through the "creative words" of encouragement for an ACT OF KINDNESS, but also by having projects that support the words as well. (Please read other information on this that I’ve posted in other areas, especially concerning the month of OKTOBER in the Kindness search engine.)
As I’ve mentioned in my Kindness search engine site, I tend to write in a very relaxed type way, sometimes assuming that people have all the time in the world to read my stuff, so please take that into consideration as you continue reading on.
Through-out all my pages, (and even including my Kindness search engine), you will eventually get to know me a little bit, especially when you read various "thoughts" that I have.
Dale Friesen
Email: DaleFreeKindness@yahoo.com
Thank You for taking the time to read this,
and Please don't hesitate to send comments!
Have a ... GREAT, "KIND" of a day! - Dale
Here are some LINKS to other PAGES of mine,
Just click on the appropriatTo The KINDNESS e topic

Search Engine!
The Paper-boy Who Delivered Kindness
Various Thoughts of mine about Kindness
Kindness Has Always Been Around
The Media and Kindness
Kindness Themes
Kindness Projects
The B. C. LIONS Football Club! My Favourite sports team!
The Canadian Football League!
A new team that I'm involved with in their Kindness cause with the Langley Rams Junior football team.
My Favourite TV Show is no longer on the air. It was Fox's "24", with Keifer Sutherland! Thus they no longer have a link up for the show, however hopefully the Movie will be coming out, soon, and then they will have a link for that.
Source: http://kindness.atspace.com/dale.html


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