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What Is A Dark Web Scan And Does It Actually Work?

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What Is A Dark Web Scan And Does It Actually Work? Empty What Is A Dark Web Scan And Does It Actually Work?

Bài gửi by darkweblinks Thu Apr 01, 2021 3:38 pm

A dark web scan, also termed darknet monitoring, can be defined as a cybersecurity service that enables you to have explicit knowledge of whether your email has been compromised and if any data is available on the dark web. The scanning procedure excavates through the more extensive databases containing social security numbers (SSNs), passwords, stolen usernames, and credit card numbers for sale.

What a dark web scan does is a scanning tool put to use that scours through the darknet and spots stolen personal information. If found, it alerts the victim regarding the information found, following which the victim can take appropriate and immediate steps to mitigate the damage. Against a general set of stolen information spotted on the dark web, such as log-in credentials, the scan will recommend the victims to change the account passwords and thereby implement even stronger passwords. But, if the scan finds information regarding your credit cards or any financial cards, it recommends you to put a credit freeze on your profiles.

Many companies do offer free dark web monitoring. But that includes scanning of most basic and personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, and SSNs. If you want to have knowledge about your complete scan, you have to pay a charge for the same.

There are various kinds of personal information that can be available on the dark web, such as:

Credit card and debit card account numbers
Driver’s licenses
Fake diplomas
Log-in information for payment services such as Zelle or PayPal
Log-in information for subscription services, like Netflix or Blue Apron
Medical records
Phone numbers
Social Security numbers

However, there are challenges with retrieving information from the dark web. You may be happy if the darknet scan bears negative results. But, a negative result does not ensure that your personal data has not been compromised. It is not possible for the deep web scanning process to cover the entire darknet. Another reason for receiving a negative result could be that your compromised data through a data breach had not been published on any dark web website.

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