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Who is the best soccer player?

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Who is the best soccer player? Empty Who is the best soccer player?

Bài gửi by scottfujita Sun Jul 04, 2021 5:07 pm

We are probably familiar with the list of best football players of all time. Those are legendary names like Diego Maradona or Zinedine Zidane. However, if we only consider the last season, we will have a completely different list. Let’s find out with Scott Fujita the world’s best football players list for 2021!
Perhaps the top 1 will surprise many people. However, we think the current Ballon d’Or owner – Robert Lewandowski deserves this ranking. The 32-year-old Bayern with position forward might currently be the greatest goalscorer in the world.
In seven seasons with Bayern, Lewandowski scored 203 goals in 219 league matches and 294 goals in 329 appearances. He passed away in an amazing way.
He was named UEFA Player of the Year and FIFA Men’s Player of the Year 2020. He has led the Bundesliga in scoring six times. He also has been in the tournament’s Team of the Year eight times and Twice the Player of the Season.
He has led Bayern to seven Bundesliga titles, one Champions League title in 2020 and a total of 17 titles over seven seasons.
For over a decade, La Pulga Atómica (Atomic Flea) has remained at the top of this list. In fact, sensational stats and the season have become second nature to him. For any player, it’s the season of a lifetime. For Lionel Messi, it was business as usual.
In all competitions, Lionel Messi has 27 goals and 24 assists and is hoping to lead Barcelona to its first Champions League title since the 2014-15 treble.
Despite Barcelona’s management problems and uncertainty over the club’s future with Lionel Messi’s departure, the Argentine forward plays an exciting and unstoppable football as usual and has recently scored his 700th career goal.
Juventus have limped past fourth in Serie A this season, but Cristiano Ronaldo remains a force to be reckoned with. The 36-year-old is likely to say goodbye to Italy this season as transfer rumors swirl, but he has continued in incredible form throughout his three-year spell with the club.
Cristiano Ronaldo leads Serie A with 29 goals in 33 games this season. His career numbers are astounding. He is the owner of the Ballon d’Or five times. He has scored 777 times for club and county during his career and is only the second male player to break into the international top 100. He has been named to the UEFA Team of the Year 15 times. Simple and straightforward, he is one of the most successful footballers in history.
Kevin De Bruyne is technically gifted more than all players in the Premier League. The eagle-eyed player has the strength and brains to dominate games both at home and abroad.
Without Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City wouldn’t be the same. He was the king of attacking midfielder, as City scored from the Belgian once in two Premier League games. Of course, there is a team of glittering stars around him that will support De Bruyne’s performances at the club. But the 29-year-old has also produced for Belgium.
Kevin De Bruyne could be the standout player at Euro 2020 in the summer, with Belgium looking to go a step further than their semi-final at the 2018 World Cup. It could be his year to become the best player of the year.
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