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What do soccer players eat

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What do soccer players eat Empty What do soccer players eat

Bài gửi by scottfujita Wed Jul 14, 2021 9:56 am

Running for 90 minutes is a long time and takes up a lot more stamina. It is crucial to properly replenish the soccer player's energy. The diet plays an important role in soccer players' energy levels, particularly before they go on to the field. So what do soccer players eat? Scott Fujita is the one to give you the exact answer.
It is crucial to replenish your body before playing in soccer matches. There are certain criteria that you must consider when choosing the food you eat to fuel your body before entering a soccer match.
Soccer players should be more inclined to eat foods with low volume and rapid digestion. They should produce the maximum amount of energy. They could also include calories or protein.
Below are some suggestions for foods to consume before a soccer match.
Soccer is a sport which requires speed. Before playing soccer, the athletes should consume plenty calories, fluid, and protein. You will see a boost in your physical strength.
You need to ensure there are enough calories.
+ 50 to 60% Carbohydrates
+ 10 to 15 percent protein
+ 25-30% fat
In particular, carbohydrates are the most sought-after ingredient. Sports performance is particularly aided by carbohydrates. The body converts quickly carbohydrate components into glucose once they are added.
They will then circulate throughout the body. Some of the carbohydrates can then be converted to glycogen that is stored in the liver or muscles. This is your main source of energy.
Based on the data above, the following foods are recommended for athletes before they start playing football.
+ Starch: whole grain bread, bread, cereal flour and corn.
+ Fresh fruit: bananas, grapes and apples, mangoes, apples, strawberries.
+ Protein: Pork, beef, fish, shrimp, eggs, milk, nuts
+ Olive oil and almonds, walnuts and macadamia nut oils are all good sources of healthy fats.
+ Fiber: Vegetables
+ Yogurt as well as many different vegetables
+ Drink: Sports drinks.
It takes time for the body to absorb all of the food it is given. The body also needs rest to digest the food.
Take care not to eat in excess or make yourself hungry when playing football.
Ingesting too much will cause digestion to slow down. When running or exercising vigorously, eating too many calories will cause the stomach to hurt.
You won't have the energy to play 90 minutes on a court if you have a full stomach.
Experts advise that the main advice be given at least one hour before the ball is rolling.
Rehydrating your body is just as important as adding energy to football.
The amount of salt and water in the body will gradually decrease after a soccer game. Therefore, soccer players must immediately replenish their bodies. Water also has the ability of cooling and regulating your body temperature.
There are a few types of drinks that can be used in sports events. They combine minerals water, sodium and carbohydrates. They also have electrolytes.
Experts recommend that soccer athletes drink enough water.
Only after the body is dehydrated can someone do that. It is terrible. The best time is still one-day before the match, slightly before the start of the game, and just after the end.
Post-match recovery
For recovery meals and snacks, you need to include carbohydrates (fuel), some carbohydrate (for muscle repair and growth), and plenty liquids and electrolytes (to replace sweat losses).
After exercise, a recovery snack or meal should be eaten. However, recovery nutrition does not end with the initial hours. Based on lost weight, fluids should be consumed (mainly water).
Some suggestions for recovery foods include:
+ Sandwich with chicken and avocado.
+ Dairy-based smoothies with fruit
+ Yoghurt and muesli made with nuts, seeds, and yogurt
+ Burritos stuffed with beef, cheese or avocado.
View more: https://www.scottfujita.com/what-to-eat-before-soccer-games/


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