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What Is The Best Darts Drinking Game To Play?

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What Is The Best Darts Drinking Game To Play? Empty What Is The Best Darts Drinking Game To Play?

Bài gửi by dartsadvice Thu Aug 27, 2020 4:00 pm

Let's face it, drinking games have been the heart and soul of every awesome party since the dawn of time, and truthfully, they will never go out of style.

On the other hand, playing the same game every single time simply kills the vibe. Hence, it is always good to have an ace in the sleeve to spice the things up a notch.

Here's what I'm thinking: darts drinking game!

Now, I'm sure you heard of many different dart drinking games, but what we selected here is guaranteed to add the needed zazz to your party!

Just make sure you don't get soused before you read our instructions, okay?


The Best Outdoor Dart Drinking Game

The first game you can play is perfect for outdoor parties and surely can be considered a classic. It involves a few simple rules to follow, worldwide favorite alcohol, and definitely a dose of courage. Stay tuned for Beer Darts!

For this game, you will need:

● A considerable amount of canned beer
● A couple of sharp steel darts

How many people can be part of the game?

There is no up limit on the number of people who can get involved in this game. It can even be played between two players only, and you'll still have a lot of fun.

What are the basic rules?

1. All the players should form a circle with a considerable distance between them, ideally at least six elegant feet. When there are only two players, they stand one across the other.
2. Each player puts a closed beer can in front of his feet so that the other players may see it.
3. The game's primary goal is to hit and puncture the opponent's beer can with a dart.
4. For every time a thrower hits and punctures the opponent's can, that person needs to drink the entire beer up.
5. Each time the thrower hits the can but does not puncture it, he needs to take a sip of beer.
6. Each time the thrower misses the can, he needs to take a sip of beer.
7. If a thrower hits the player, he must drink an entire can of beer as a punishment.

How does the game end?

The game closes if one of the players catches the dart while it is flying. However, he must remain unharmed, or the game keeps going.

Here is one video of beer darts for demonstration:

And here is one upgraded variation you can play as well. Just know that you'll need to put a bit more effort into the setup:



Playing this game with sharp steel darts can be dangerous, so be responsible for your actions. Never aim at another player directly and always set the beer cans down on the ground.

The Best Dart Drinking Game For Groups

Beer Darts is fantastic, but if there's a lot of you, you'll need a bunch of beer to get everyone woozy. Luckily, the second game we found takes care of the issue. It is called The Shot Darts.

Basically, there are two popular ways to play this game.

One option is to place different shot glasses under the dartboard and assign each of it a number on the board. Whenever someone hits that number, that person drinks the appropriate shot.

The other way is slightly more complex, so we'll explain it step by step.

To play this game, you will need:

● A dartboard
● Six darts
● Shot glasses
● Vodka or some other alcohol of your choice

How many people can take part in this game?

To play shot darts, you need to gather at least four people, but you can include as many people as possible.

How do you play it?

First of all, you form two teams, each with at least two players. Then one member of each team throws a dart aiming the bullseye. The team that gets closer to the bullseye gets to go first while the opposing team takes its first shots.

Now, the first team throws three darts, trying to hit the numbers between 15-20 or a bullseye. If they fail to do so, they take shots. On the other hand, If they manage to hit the number in the target area, the opposing team drinks shots, and these numbers close out.

When a number is closed out, it is no longer in play. Therefore whenever someone hits it after it is closed out, his team drinks the shots.

The game keeps going with the next team throwing three darts following the same rules, and like so until the end.

How does the game end?

The game ends when all the numbers from 15-20 are closed out along with the bullseye.

How drunk will I be?

Let's just say people don't usually close out all the numbers that easily. Also, by no means choose tequila for this game.

Finally, you can always make up your variation of the games listed above, or invent an entirely new game for that matter. As long as it keeps everyone entertained and woozed, it's cool!

Drinking Dartboard

Although the games we mentioned above are super fun and engaging, you don't actually have to bother that much. Drinking dart games have become so popular that now you can buy a special drinking dart board with all the needed props for your drinking game and specially designed targets.

The most popular one is the Crystal Clear Shot Glass Darts consisting of a magnetic dart board, metal stand, four magnetic darts, and four shot glasses. If you're worried that some can get injured while playing beer darts or shot darts because of sharp darts, you should definitely get one of these. With magnetic dart boards, there is no way for anyone to get hurt.

How is this game played?

The game is extremely simple to play. You can engage as many friends as you want, but you'll need to add some more shot glasses. Take one of the magnetic darts and aim the board. Now, wherever your dart lands, the instruction that a person should do is written. You can get a half shot, shot, drink with a buddy, pass, assign a shot, or everybody drinks.

How does the game end?

There are no specific rules for what ends the game. So, it is up to you to be creative and come up with some rules for what determines the winner and ends the game.

Is the game worth the money?

Well, the customers reviewed the game as extremely fun, but they had complaints about the size, though. The board seems to be very small, and the shot glasses are not the standard size either. It looks like they measure half a shot, not the regular shot size. However, all the sets available on the market are of the same size.

Here is one video of the darts drinking game setup, so that you can get a full picture of how everything looks:


And here is the video of two guys actually playing the game, so decide for yourself whether it is fun or not:


The Verdict

All darts drinking games are very innovative and fun; there's no way for anyone to get bored while playing. However, the game I personally find the best is the beer darts. It is very simple, does not require some particular setup, not even a dart board. I find it awesome because you can make as many variations to the game as you want, and of course, I love beer!

These games are promoted for entertainment purposes only. We do not encourage irresponsible behavior or excessive drinking. If you're under 21, do not try any of the games listed above!

Final Thoughts
Darts is an extremely popular game, nowadays sports, to be precise. For centuries it has been an integral part of bars and pubs where it serves as the perfect recreational activity for every competitive customer.

Professional players would argue that dart requires serious focus and precision, but with the right modification, it can become a new party booster! In this article, we gave you three ideas on how to play the dart drinking game, but in reality, there is a tone of them.

You can even make up your own darts drinking game. Only get shot glasses, your favorite drink, and agree upon some basic rules, and that's it! Don't forget to try some of these out the next time you host a party, and I guarantee everyone will have the time of their life!

Source: https://dartsadvice.com/best-darts-drinking/


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