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When "shopping" can heal the mind!

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When "shopping" can heal the mind! Empty When "shopping" can heal the mind!

Bài gửi by Busba1122 Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:20 pm

When "shopping" can heal the mind! AHR0cHM6Ly9zLmlzYW5vb2suY29tL3dvLzAvdWQvMzMvMTY3MzQxL3NwLmpwZw==

Although buying happiness for money is something that many people consider not the right solution. Instead, there are studies showing that shopping therapy, or “Retail Therapy,” really heals our minds.

One of them is a study published in the journal Psychology and Marketing, which says that shopping can improve our mood. Although the result of shopping while the mood was not normal. It can result in more impulsive shopping decisions!

62 percent of people who say they do shopping to heal themselves. No one regrets spending a spendthrift to heal their emotions. And also found that the life span that had a big change happened to itself Will stimulate most shopping cravings

This is in line with the results of another study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology that Retail Therapy does not just make us happier and happier. But also helps us fight grief. Or even stress!

The researchers noted that most people who are sad or afraid of something Will feel that he has no control over the things around him Unlike shopping, they can customize what they are going to buy. And where to buy Therefore, shopping is a solution that helps to heal the mind for yourself.

When the environment was out of control Shopping during a major life transition Such as marriage and having children Thus reducing your anxiety about the upcoming changes And it makes sense that they have more control over the situation at hand.

There is also a research work of the Faculty of Medicine. Tel Aviv University Stated that depression is associated with olfactory senses. And this is one of the reasons in the marketing tactics that many department stores often use scents to create the atmosphere in the store. Because it can affect mood And makes customers more likely to pay

If this long break Who feels that they are under stress or เกมส์xo are uncomfortable? If you try to heal your mind by shopping, it won't hurt anything. As long as they are conscious and do not spend too much.


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