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[justify]SET in the afternoon plus more than 10 points

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[justify]SET in the afternoon plus more than 10 points Empty [justify]SET in the afternoon plus more than 10 points

Bài gửi by limited88 Thu Oct 01, 2020 4:38 pm

[justify]SET in the afternoon plus more than 10 points Stock3-1024x536

SET in the afternoon plus more than 10 points, receiving a good sentiment from the progress of the economic stimulus package.
Thai stock index in the afternoon plus more สล็อตxo than 10 points in line with foreign stock market directions Both the regional market and the European market That rose on expectations of a new round of economic stimulus from the US that has more progress. Meanwhile, within the country, there is hope for the government to release additional stimulus measures. Pushing the Thai stock market up brightly

At 3:10 p.m., the SET index stood at 1,247.56 points, up 10.52 points (+ 0.82%).

At 3:22 p.m., the SET index was at 1,249.86 points, up 12.82 points (+ 1.04%).

Mr. Sarawut Techochavalit, Senior Director of Securities Analysis, RHB Securities (Thailand), said that the Thai stock market this afternoon rose in line with the international market. The European markets that were trading this afternoon moved in positive territory. As with the Dow, more than 200-plus futures on the Asian markets that are open today are rising. While the market has expectations for the progress of stimulus measures in the US and Thailand.

In addition, our home market is also driven by stocks. The Siam Cement Plc. (SCC) has improved significantly. Yesterday, it was a preview of SCC's performance, while today it is open for retail investors to subscribe for shares offered to the public (IPO) of SCG Packaging Plc. ) Which is also a subsidiary However, investors are still waiting to track the US non-farm payroll figure on Friday.

Ready to provide resistance at 1,257 points and support 1,240 points.

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