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BOI reveals foreigners interested in applying

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BOI reveals foreigners interested in applying  Empty BOI reveals foreigners interested in applying

Bài gửi by limited88 Mon Oct 05, 2020 4:16 pm

BOI reveals foreigners interested in applying for investment promotion in the EEC even during COVID period

BOI reveals foreigners interested in applying  BOI_logo1-768x493

Mr. Narit Therdsathirasak Deputy Secretary-General of the Board of Investment (BOI) said after the meeting of the Eastern Development Policy Committee (Kor Por.) Or EEC about investment conditions during the month. Jan.-Aug. During the COVID-19 epidemic, there were 277 investment promotion applications สล็อตxo for one hundred billion baht, which the number of projects and investments were similar to the previous year. As for the investment in the EEC, it is half the value of the national investment promotion request. And most of them are in Chonburi and Rayong
In the EEC area, foreign investment requests for the last 8 months were 68 billion baht, accounting for 60% of the total request value in the EEC, with the most investments coming from Japan, followed by China, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Singapore. That if the COVID-19 situation As it begins to relax, there will be a lot of foreign investment waiting to be invested in Thailand.

The target industries that are applying for Most of them will invest in the electrical and electronics industry of about 22 billion baht, automotive and parts, about 12 billion baht, while the New S-Curve has increased investment. Both biotech Automation and medical field

In this regard, the investment promotion approach in the EEC focuses on supporting 3 leaders of high potential business groups, namely

Health Business Group And well-being Continued from the target industry of comprehensive medicine The tourism industry is a good income group. And health tourism Focus on technology of precise medical systems, genomics
Digital group and 5G technology further expand the digital target industries electronics Robotics and automation And modern vehicles Focus on 5G system technology, platform development based on 5G
Smart Logistics to expand the target industries Aviation and logistics The tourism industry is a good income group. And health tourism Focus on the technology of commercial management systems electronics Link with U-Tapao airport

In addition, the Eastern Special Development Zone Policy Office (SorPor. Por.) Has coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To persuade foreign investors In collaboration with Thai embassies in various countries With a group of investors in the target industry Hold a teleconference with foreign ministries and ambassadors Ready to ship a list of companies and technology owners In order to induce initial investment in the EEC, a Focus Group was held to drill down and deliver investment information to the UK, 2 companies, Singapore, 1 company, the US, 2 companies and France.

Narit said that investment in the EEC is still going forward. And there are many projects in progress The investment from the integrated budget in the Eastern Special Development Zone Public-Private Infrastructure (PPP) and BOI Investment Promotion Certificate Has a value of up to 1,582,698 million baht (as of Sep. 2020) divided into

Integrated budget Eastern Special Development Zone (Infrastructure) Approved 67,687 million baht, investment value during the year 2018-64 worth 50,757 million baht and continue to invest 65-67 years worth 16,930 million baht.
The public-private joint venture (PPP) project has been invested in 3 projects, has signed a total of 527,603 million baht, with an investment in the year 20 worth 2,565 million baht in the year '21 worth 55,783 million baht and invested in the project period 469,255 million baht

The issuance of investment promotion certificates by the BOI office promotes investment in targeted industries in the EEC area from 2017 to June. 63 total investment value of 987,408 million baht, which is a total private investment.

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