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Wait and see Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris Debate, Vice President. Not just an ornamental stage

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Wait and see Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris Debate, Vice President. Not just an ornamental stage Empty Wait and see Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris Debate, Vice President. Not just an ornamental stage

Bài gửi by annee Wed Oct 07, 2020 12:36 pm

Wait and see Mike Pence vs Kamala Harris Debate, Vice President. Not just an ornamental stage 20200801_canva_usa_election-1024x576

After last week, Republican President Donald Trump and U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Already got on the stage to compete for the vision Come this week It's the turn of the vice president debate.

The debate between Vice President Mike Pence, 61, representing Republican, and Senator Kamala Harris, 55, was submitted by Democrats. It will take place the first and only time on Wednesday Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. US time (corresponding to 8 a.m. Thursday Oct. Cool at the University of Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah, with USA Today's Washington head Susan Page Moderator The debate format is divided into 9 intervals of 10 minutes each, totaling 90 minutes without prior disclosure of the topic. This is different from the presidential debate last week.

Usually the debate of the vice presidential candidate at any time The debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris has little effect on changing decisions.

Vice President Debate This time is not normal!
One of the reasons the debate between the two vice presidential candidates in the 2020 election has been especially watched. That's because in a debate last week between Trump and Biden. Has been a huge disappointment to the audience With big media such as CNN, it is considered the worst debate in 20 years as both of them keep reacting. Each party interrupted interrupted insults on the other party without the host who was in control of the game And it ends with Americans getting very little from viewing.

Tomorrow's vice president debate is hoped that It could be an opportunity for Americans to vote. Listen to the policies and guidelines for the administration of the country in the next four years with the availability Not pedagogical In addition, political analysts believe that This debate will proceed with modesty and courtesy without any extravagant parties. Or say the word "shut up" for sure

It is not often that the Vice-President Candidate have to take up the task of following the presidential debate.

In the first-round vision of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, President Obama was vice president Joe Biden. At that moment Have a mission to get the score back to their side.

But Pence "had a much harder job tomorrow night" compared to Biden in 2012, said Alan Schroeder, an expert on the history of the presidential debate. And author of the book "Presidential Debates: Risky Business on the Campaign Trail," said.

NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll Following the first presidential debate, 49% of registered voters think Biden is doing better than Trump. While only 24% rated Trump as the winner. The poll also revealed that Biden scored a 14-point lead for Trump.

"It put pressure on Pence to try to find a way to retrieve his score," said Vice President Academician Joel Goldstein. And Emeritus Professor St. Louis University

New normal debate
In addition to the mission to recover the team leader Including to restore people's faith Another reason why this Vice President debate has been especially watched is The debate comes after President Trump announced he was infected with COVID-19.

The shocking news of the world immediately made the potential vice president an active role. Because if the president is unable to perform his duties The Vice President will have to act for the President.

Both Trump and Biden are at risk for severe cases of COVID. Since they are both older, Trump 74 and Biden 77 (although the latest news reports indicate that Trump fared better. Until being discharged from the hospital While Biden had twice checked for COVID. The result came out both negative times)

And from the fact that Trump is infected with COVID Cause in the vice president debate tomorrow There will be more stringent anti-epidemic measures. Whether it is social spacing The two candidates are 13 feet apart, more than the debate between Trump and Biden in Cleveland last week. Which is set at 7 feet, including the installation of a clear acrylic panel as a partition in front of Pence and Harris. Which has been confirmed Earlier this year, Politico reported that both sides had different opinions about the installation of acrylic sheets. The Harris team encouraged the set-up. But Pence's team objected.

In addition, this debate will limit the number of visitors. Everyone must be screened for COVID-19. And anyone who does not wear a mask will be invited out of the venue. After a lesson in the first debate battle between Trump and Biden. Many members of the Trump family attended the debate without wearing masks.

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