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The danger of rot Know the signs and prevention

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The danger of rot Know the signs and prevention Empty The danger of rot Know the signs and prevention

Bài gửi by nakanda Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:08 am

The danger of rot Know the signs and prevention Necrotizing4

Necrotizing Fasciitis or Carnivorous Bacteria Is a bacterial infection around the soft tissue (Soft Tissue) that is between the skin and muscle layers Resulting in infected areas becoming severely inflamed and eventually rotting Although it is a rare disease But may be so serious that the organs must be cut to prevent the spread Or some patients may die

The symptoms of gangrene are caused by bacteria that release toxins and destroy soft tissue. slotxo Which causes the infection often comes from injury Small wounds, large wounds, abrasions, burns, pet scratches Including insect bites, it can cause pathogens to enter the wound and cause this disease as well.

Signs and symptoms of gangrene
The bacteria that cause gangrene are spreading rapidly. The early signs of gangrene may be small lesions. The area of ​​the skin is swollen, red, inflamed, and pain is more severe than normal compared to the size of the wound. You may also have a high fever and chills.
When hours or days have passed The infection may spread and cause the skin to turn dark and form blisters. Patients may have diarrhea and vomiting. Left untreated, this can lead to complications such as sepsis, shock, kidney failure, and possibly even a high risk of death. Should see a doctor immediately. This is because the diagnosis is often complex and requires timely treatment.

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How does gangrene occur?

The gangrene bacteria can be found in areas lacking hygiene. They are divided into several types, and each can vary in severity. If the body is wounded Wounds, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, burns, surgical wounds, needle marks, and exposure to bacteria from soiled areas or not keeping clean of the wound can lead to infection. In addition, insect bites. Being bitten and scratched by a pet can lead to infection. Because animals and insects are often contaminated with bacteria

In addition, certain risk factors can increase your risk of subsequent infection, such as:
Season: The risk of this disease is usually higher with the rainy season.
Improper and unsanitary wound cleaning
People who drink alcohol regularly
People with low immune system due to disease or medication such as diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, chemotherapy or immunosuppressants, etc.

Can gangrene be prevented?
This is because the main cause of the disease comes from bacterial infection through the wound. If there is any type of wound The wound should be cleaned and cared for properly following the instructions below.

Wash the wound with clean water and soap immediately. If there is a 70 percent alcohol concentration, you can moisten a cotton swab and clean the area around the wound. But do not use alcohol directly or wipe the wound.
If a deep wound After washing with the above methods, you should go to a medical facility immediately.
Without knowledge of wound care or cleaning Always consult your pharmacist or doctor at the hospital for accurate advice.
If bitten by a dog, cat or pet Should see a doctor immediately. This is because the saliva and nails of animals are a source of many pathogens that are at high risk of infection.
Always maintain proper physical hygiene. Such as washing your hands with soap and bathing
For people infected with gangrene When to see a doctor The doctor may clean the wound and recommend proper wound care. Together with the administration of antibiotics to eliminate and inhibit the spread of bacteria. In severe cases Doctors need to cut out rotting and infected meat or organs to keep the infection from spreading to other organs.Lastly, careful lifestyle may help prevent injuries or accidents that cause sores. Which can be a channel for infection


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