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Trump has more hearts of Latinos and blacks.

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Trump has more hearts of Latinos and blacks. Empty Trump has more hearts of Latinos and blacks.

Bài gửi by annee Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:34 pm

Trump has more hearts of Latinos and blacks. Trump-1

The US media research firm revealed that While the US presidential election is still not decisive. President Donald Trump has surprisingly raised scores from Latinos and blacks. But it could be offset by the loss of the same sound base that had supported him four years ago.

Edison Research, founded in 1994, is the only company to deliver exit polls to a television network based on the US National Electoral Television Network. Conduct one-on-one interviews with voters on Election Day. One-on-one interviews with voter voters in advance. And telephone voter interviews in advance by post Edison Research reveals that exit poll In the swing state of Florida Trump and Biden each scored half the Latin people. With four out of 10 Trump ever made in the 2016 election, this year Trump has scored three out of 10 all blacks, up two in 10 from the previous one and still retains the vote white. 6 out of 10, same as the previous election Same as texas Another swing state Trump scores four out of 10 Spanish speakers, up from three in 10.

The national exit poll indicated that While Biden has the lead vote of Trump among the blacks. But Trump received a slight three-point increase in the group, 11 percent African Americans, 31 percent Spanish-speaking and 30 percent Asian Americans. Trump lost votes among white men and seniors in Swing States, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that had won in previous elections. Because the score so far has not been lacking.

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