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Good things to know: 5 Thai herbs to help cure hair loss

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Good things to know: 5 Thai herbs to help cure hair loss Empty Good things to know: 5 Thai herbs to help cure hair loss

Bài gửi by nakanda Wed Jan 06, 2021 2:46 pm

Good things to know: 5 Thai herbs to help cure hair loss Garlic-768x408

There are many Thai herbs. And full of useful properties Both in health And beauty Today we would like to talk about Thai herbs that have properties that help cure hair loss. Hair care to be shiny and shiny. I recommend anyone who has this problem. You can try it as an option.

Cure hair loss with Thai herbs
1. Ton Thong Phanchang
In the part of the roots of the Thong Phanchang. Helps to make black hair, cure gray hair, hair loss, so it is popular to make Thong Phanchang shampoo products that are sold in the market in general. In addition, the leaves and trees and roots as well It also helps to cure mango, root hair, cure lice, dandruff and the root also helps to cure gray hair due to fungus as well.

2. Garlic
Apply fresh garlic over your head for 10-15 minutes and wash your hair as usual. Regularly will help eliminate toxins that accumulate on the scalp. Nourishes the skin on the scalp healthy. Can kill mold It also helps produce collagen. Make me healthy Stimulate the scalp for faster growth of new hair as well.

3. Bergamot
This herb, many people may already know. It is the first step in hair maintenance that many people think of and there are many hair care products that are used as ingredients. But if anyone wants to do fresh and nourish by themselves, it can be done. Just bring 4-5 kaffir lime to boil and then separate the water to apply to the hair. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes, do 2 consecutive times a week, the hair will fall less. And looks healthy, hair is more beautiful

4. Butterfly Pea
Butterfly Pea is one of the ingredients in hair and scalp care products as well. If anyone is afraid of chemicals You can make it yourself by pounding 1 handful of butterfly pea thoroughly and mixing it with water. Stir until the same texture. Then apply to hair and leave it for about 30 minutes to get into the hair and scalp, do not forget to massage gently enough time, then rinse. And continue maintenance as usual Routine will help reduce hair loss. Because pea flowers will stimulate blood circulation. Which has the effect of strengthening the hair roots

5. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera To bring about 3-4 trees in parts of the tree, peeled only the meat inside the clear, clean water. And then squeezed the people into a homogeneous mass And apply to nourish the hair, leave it for 30 minutes, then wash and wash your hair regularly, the hair will be stronger, less hair loss, and the hair will be black, shiny, healthy looking.

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