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Bluehill Hosting: 2021's Best Web Hosting | Low Cost Domains

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Bluehill Hosting: 2021's Best Web Hosting | Low Cost Domains Empty Bluehill Hosting: 2021's Best Web Hosting | Low Cost Domains

Bài gửi by bryanpassman Fri Mar 26, 2021 3:16 am

Bluehill Hosting: 2021's Best Web Hosting | Low Cost Domains 162126603_1412921055713989_7892722038926668269_o.jpg?_nc_cat=107&ccb=1-3&_nc_sid=b9115d&_nc_eui2=AeGlxHWVQYjEFJy4kxTRY-umQ9emPLglLD5D16Y8uCUsPiPRW2JOGVOyNcj3a9BKhNoAi4l3O7_e9pCpS5leFsoP&_nc_ohc=i7ZxG9MXZBAAX_MBNrE&_nc_ht=scontent.fjsr8-1

We host stable and secure websites using our pre-tested WordPress autoinstallation scripts. So once you purchase a WordPress Hosting plan from Bluehill Hosting will let you control your hosting panel, and you get access to automatically install the latest and most secure versions of WordPress within a few seconds.

We insist on our customers to use strong passwords. So we don't compromise on server security. We force the storage of Encrypted Login credentials for every user account. Even in the case of hacking, the information will not be readable by hackers. This adds another layer of security. Along with this extra security measure, We also implemented SSO (single sign-on) to all our web hosting accounts so that you don't have to enter your passwords once you login into your web panel.

WordPress Staging Environment is an extra feature, which makes your site maintenance very easy and simple. The stagging environment is nothing but a clone of your website, where you can develop, fix, or enhance your website code without any downtime in parallel. Your customers will not be able to see anything when you make any changes in the stagging. Once you are sure that the new feature is ready, then with a click of a mouse, move the new code from stagging to your main live site.

Our eCommerce hosting plans give an option to control how you want to apply the security patches or updates to the WordPress platform. These security patches are very important to safeguard your website from hackers. But you, as the owner of your site, get the full control to enable or disable these latest security updates and plugins.


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