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The difference between cannabis and hemp.

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The difference between cannabis and hemp. Empty The difference between cannabis and hemp.

Bài gửi by bryanpassman Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:41 am

The difference between cannabis and hemp. Hanf_1024x1024_e9bbb521-df15-48f1-8b49-325dfbe7293a_704x512

It is time to clarify the continuing doubts you have about the difference between cannabis and hemp. Why is there so much controversy around hemp and, at the same time, talk about the potential health benefit? The truth is, there are more similarities than differences between the two hemp plants, however, each variety features its unique property and individual advantage.

What we nowadays call "cannabis" or "hemp" are simply two different genetics from the same mother plant Cannabis Sativa L. The differences as we know them are the result of many years of selective breeding. The most abundant active ingredient of cannabis Sativa L. hemp plant, followed by the beneficial agent CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD Cannabis is a term that is used predominantly in relation to the psychoactive flowers of the female plant. During the last century, cannabis has been called a "marihuana", a term that precedes negative connotations. The renewal of the term "cannabis" is a kind of "rebranding" action to re-position it as a safe plant with health potential, rather than an illicit drug.


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