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Psychiatrists suggest 12 ways to talk about "politics" in the family, not to fight.

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Psychiatrists suggest 12 ways to talk about "politics" in the family, not to fight. Empty Psychiatrists suggest 12 ways to talk about "politics" in the family, not to fight.

Bài gửi by Busba1122 Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:42 am

Often times we see family members, close friends, and even couples arguing over each other because of their political attitudes. Politics is a matter of everyone, all genders and ages, but how do we talk about politics so we can all stay together? Stroller up the mountain to leave everyone, every family.
A mother of a teenager sent a message. During this period, doctors found that there were many Families with political differences The doctor's friend's psychiatrist said There are cases where the child is a consultant because of a fight with his mother as well.
This conflict found Therefore I want to write an article that creates a better atmosphere of coexistence a little Hope it is useful to many houses. In a really hot political era, not just in the house Maybe in school, at work, a group of friends in a small society where we live
The doctor would like to answer in the case of this mother. Could be used in other cases as well
1. Consciousness is not angry. Answer the child. When he shows strong emotions Like that with mom The more angry and retaliate, they will talk to each other without knowing about it.

2. Understand that your mother and your partner receive a wide variety of information. Have different experiences Especially in this era with social media Having access to information gives your child a lot of information. Let's listen to him for a bit.
3. Agree or disagree. Listen to him first. Do not rush to explain. We accept to listen to him first. He will feel that we look and care what he thinks and feels. Help his strong emotions to fade away
4. If listening to him and he has negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, stress, consciousness, do not react in the mood Take a deep breath first, because when you are emotionally negative, you may respond in a negative manner, such as complaining, sarcasm, comparison, sometimes with harsh words. Even more makes talking and not understanding
5. Exchange ideas for reasons When mother and child are calm enough and emotionally ready If your child is angry, it is important that the mother be an example. In a moment, his mood cools. Let's talk again.
6. Of course, Mom has a flag in her heart. What to believe and think so Children are the same Realize the flags of each party. Let's try to understand Maybe there are some things that we can agree on. Start from there It will make it easier to discuss other issues. เกมส์ สล็อต ออนไลน์
7. But don't talk in a way that forces him to change to follow his mother. He may be talking forcing your mother to change his mind. Here we can tell him that Thoughts are common. We will not force each other, but listen to each other. And take into account Find more reliable information. As thoughts and information crystallize, let's talk again.
8. Actually, mothers and children are not the same, it is not wrong. Rather, let your thoughts and expressions not make yourself or others influence and empathize with each other. If your child still can't Mother, let him see first.
9. Talk about anything other than politics. May do something that your child likes, such as inviting food that he likes. You can watch a good series.
10. Use the principle of Brahma Vihara 4 Mercy, mercy, liberation, if he has a very different mind. I don't understand In the end, it must be detached You do not have to beat each other. If the child tries to change her mind for the mother, use the calm and not respond. Tell him that Mom understands me. But I have a mother's mind. Do not have to fight or be in a violent mood.
11. If you're very stressed, Mother should do something that is comfortable Encourage yourself, relax, massage, go to a spa, yoga, meditation, pray, go to church, go shopping, chat with close friends, go hiking, etc., whatever you like and don't blame yourself and others. Like a battery charger for myself
12. Politics is close But the family is still a family What kind of politics will be Nothing is enduring But motherhood will always remain. Don't even fight with one another.


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